first go at flat anaglyph images..

Posted: December 2, 2015 in images

cysan-red lensesI got my hands on a set of cyan-red lenses from an Edu Science 3D Night-Sight Goggles, they’re not that bad

Turns out they’re not that bad for something that took 30mins from the time I thought of getting the lenses to the time I got them.


I then went on to try and manipulate some images in gimp. I used a stereo script-fu from Steph Parker: script-fu-make-anaglyph.scm

Save the script in /home/$USER/.gimp-2.8/scripts/script-fu-make-anaglyph.scm

Then open Gimp and go to Filters > Script-Fu > Refresh Scripts.

A new tab called Stereo should now appear.

Open any image, and create a duplicate layer. Then go to Stereo > Make Anaglyph and it will set the cyan to one layer and red to the other layer.

You can then put your cyan-red lenses on and drag either the top or bottom layer image to a side until the image appears “pleasant”.

Reserva Eduardo Avaroa

Reserva Eduardo Avaroa


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